September 21, 2023

Comprehensive Real Estate Podio CRM Features for Enhanced Efficiency

In the ever-evolving universe of technology, interconnectedness is the lifeblood of progress. In this context, the realm of real estate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is no different. A robust real estate CRM, such as the one we offer, relies on an array of auxiliary tools and synergistic relationships to achieve its full potential.

Our Real Estate CRM, built on the foundation of Podio, is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of professionals in the real estate industry. Let's delve into the essential features that set our Podio based Patronecs CRM apart:

  1. Lead Sources Integration: Our CRM seamlessly integrates with a range of lead sources, ensuring you capture leads efficiently.
  2. Scheduling Software Integration: Simplify your scheduling process by integrating with leading scheduling software.
  3. Dashboard and KPIs: Gain valuable insights into your real estate operations with a comprehensive dashboard and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  4. Buyers/Investors Management: Manage your buyer and investor relationships effortlessly, ensuring smooth transactions.
  5. Campaigns Setup: Create, manage, and track marketing campaigns effortlessly within our CRM.
  6. Training Material: Access a wealth of training resources, including Google Docs and instructional videos, to maximize your CRM's potential.
  7. Offers Management: Streamline the process of sending offers with our integrated solutions, including e-signature options and customizable calculations.
  8. Team Management: Efficiently manage your team members within the CRM, assigning roles and tasks with ease.
  9. List Management: Utilize dedicated apps like "Cold Call" and "Lists" to upload and manage leads, facilitating bulk voicemail campaigns.
  10. Drip Campaigns (SMS/Email/Voicemail-based): Automate your communication with leads through customizable drip campaigns, ensuring timely follow-ups.
  11. Tasks Management: Assign, track, and filter tasks for your team members, enhancing productivity and accountability.
  12. Appointments Management: Seamlessly schedule and sync appointments with Google Calendar, reducing missed opportunities.
  13. Buyers/Investors Management: Maintain a comprehensive database of buyers and sellers, facilitating efficient property transactions.
  14. Custom Developments: If your unique real estate needs require custom solutions, we offer tailor-made developments to meet your requirements.

Lead Sources Integrations:

  • Website Integrations: Connect your WordPress, Wix, or Investor Carrot website to Podio for seamless lead management.
  • Social Media Integrations through Zapier: Link various social media platforms to Podio via integrations.
  • Dealmachine Integration: Integrate Dealmachine for lead generation with Podio.
  • Call Center Software Integration: Easily connect CRM with call center tools like Calltools, Readymode, and Mojo Dialer.
  • SMS Marketing Sources Integration: Streamline your lead generation processes by integrating tools like Roor, Batchleads, Launchcontrol, and Simple Texting.

Training Material:

Unlock the full potential of our Real Estate CRM with our comprehensive training materials. We offer Google Docs and a catalog of videos that guide you through the usage of various tools and apps within Podio. Best of all, this training is entirely free, ensuring you master the CRM without incurring additional charges.

Offers Management:

When it comes to making offers to potential leads, our CRM simplifies the process. We recommend two key services: sending Purchase Agreements for e-signatures through Docusign or RightSignature to sellers, and advanced offer calculations. Our system allows you to send different offers, including ERV calculations and custom calculations, streamlining your negotiation process.

Team Management:

Effortlessly manage your team within Podio CRM. From this centralized platform, you can communicate with team members, assign roles, and delegate tasks with ease. Customize your team's access by limiting their workspaces, differentiating between regular and irregular members.

List Management:

Our CRM includes specialized apps like "Cold Call" or "Lists" to simplify lead management. Upload your leads and create voicemail campaigns that can be sent to thousands of records in bulk, saving you time and effort.

Drip Campaigns (SMS/Email/Voicemail-based):

Automate your lead communication with drip campaigns. Define a sequence of messages, emails, and voicemails to be sent to leads at specified intervals. Our system ensures that unresponsive leads receive follow-up emails and voicemails until they respond.

Task Assignment:

Efficiently assign tasks to team members and track their progress. Our task management feature allows you to filter completed tasks and those in progress, ensuring accountability and productivity.

Appointments Management:

Never miss an appointment with our integrated system. Set appointments with leads, define agendas, and sync them with Google Calendar. Receive notifications to stay on top of your appointments.

Campaigns Setup:

Choose from a variety of campaign types, including cold calling campaigns, email campaigns, and voicemail campaigns. Utilize extensions like for efficient campaign management, including dialing lists from your smartphone and saving recordings in Podio

Buyers/Investors Management:

Manage your buyer and seller databases within Podio CRM. Create a database for cash buyers, send property fliers, and facilitate property transactions. Use web forms to collect property details conveniently.

Leads Management:

Efficiently handle your leads with various options, including SMS, email, and voicemail communication, communication logs management, assigning lead managers, setting follow-up tasks, managing lead statuses, types, and sources, adding comments, property details, and tagging leads as new, hot, warm, or cold. The CRM also provides advanced search and filtering capabilities.

Our commitment to your success extends beyond software features. We offer comprehensive training materials, enabling you to master the use of tools and applications within Podio at no additional cost.

With the ability to send offers, manage teams, create and manage lists, execute drip campaigns, and more, our Real Estate Podio CRM is your all-encompassing solution for real estate management needs. Moreover, we offer custom developments to meet your unique requirements.

Stay ahead in the competitive real estate market with our feature-rich CRM designed to enhance productivity and drive results.

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