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Improve your business processes with Patronecs. We are here to help you with optimizing processes with latest tools and technologies.
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We Pride in our Commitment
Patronecs empowers real estate investors, agents, and wholesalers by streamlining their business processes and facilitating scalable growth. With a track record spanning over five years, we've collaborated with over 450 teams across the USA.
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Why Choose
Why Choose Podio for Real Estate Automation?
Podio-based CRMs are trusted by thousands of wholesalers, investors, realtors, brokers, and agents to streamline and simplify their business operations. With Podio, you gain access to a centralized platform for organizing and managing all your property and deal-related data, anytime, anywhere.
Highly Flexible Platform
Podio offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to customize workflows and processes to suit your unique business needs
Seamless Integration
Easily integrate Podio with all major Real Estate platforms, enhancing collaboration and efficiency across your operations.
Workflow Building
Create customized workflows to automate repetitive tasks and streamline your business processes for maximum efficiency.
Unlimited Data Storage
With no limitations on data storage, Podio provides ample space to store all your property and deal-related information securely.
Industry Standard
Trusted by thousands of Real Estate firms worldwide, Podio sets the industry standard for CRM platforms, ensuring reliability and robust performance.
Wide Adoption
Embraced by a large community of investors, wholesalers, and virtual assistants, Podio is widely used within the Real Estate industry for its intuitive interface and powerful features.
 Podio offers cost-effective solutions compared to traditional CRM platforms, making it an ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.
As your business grows, Podio scales seamlessly to accommodate your expanding needs, ensuring continued support and efficiency.
Training Documentation
Access complete training documentation to empower users with the necessary knowledge and skills
Performance Tracking
An all-in-one solution catering to wholesaling and investing businesses, streamlining operations for maximum efficiency.
Lead Generation Tool Integration
 Integrates with all lead generation tools to capture and manage leads efficiently.
Communication Software Integration
Integrates with all communication software like and slybroadcast for enhanced connectivity.
E-Signature Integration
Seamlessly integrates with leading e-signature services including DocuSign, HelloSign, and PandaDoc for streamlined document management.
Custom Workflows
Tailored workflows ensure smooth and efficient operations aligned with your business needs.
Client Management
Proper management of sellers, buyers, and investors ensures effective communication and relationship building.
Wholesaling and Investing Solutions
An all-in-one solution catering to wholesaling and investing businesses, streamlining operations for maximum efficiency.
Task and Appointment Management
Manage tasks and appointments effortlessly for improved organization and productivity.
Acquisition and Disposition Management
 Streamline acquisition and disposition workflows for efficient deal management.
Notifications and Alerts
Stay informed with timely notifications and alerts, ensuring no important tasks slip through the cracks.
Ai Based Drip Campaigns
Elevate your outreach with smart, tailored automation.
AI Tools Integration
Supercharge your workflow with cutting-edge AI-powered solutions seamlessly integrated.
Key Features of Patronecs Podio-Based CRM
Real estate professionals understand the significance of a CRM system as they delve into their businesses. Managing leads from various sources in a cloud-based system becomes imperative for accessibility from anywhere. Patronecs REI solution addresses this need effectively.
Explore the key features of Patronecs' Podio-based CRM!
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Lead Conversion Process
Discover the seamless lead conversion process illustrated in the following image
Team Management
Optimize your Real Estate team management with Patronecs Podio-based CRM, designed to enhance efficiency and elevate your team's success.
Centralized Team Information
Store and access a comprehensive list of team members within Podio for seamless collaboration and communication.
Lead Assignment Mechanism
Implement a streamlined lead assignment mechanism to efficiently distribute leads among your team members.
Task and Responsibility Assignments
Effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities to ensure a smooth workflow and optimal team performance.
Limited Access Control
Control access to lead managers through multi-workspace systems, providing limited access as needed for enhanced data security.
Team Performance Management
Utilize robust tools for tracking and managing team performance, ensuring alignment with your business objectives.
Email Marketing
Engage your audience effectively with targeted email campaigns. Patronecs offers advanced solutions for personalized messaging and enhanced conversions.
SMS Marketing
Empower your marketing efforts with Patronecs and unlock the potential of SMS marketing for your business growth.
E-signature services
Effortlessly sign documents digitally with secure e-signature services, simplifying paperwork and increasing efficiency.
Cold Calling
Direct solicitation of potential customers via telephone without prior contact, typically for sales or marketing purposes.
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Business Email integraton
scheduling appointments
task management
Email Communication Managmement
Basic Dashboard KPIs
Acquisition and disposition management workflows.
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Basic Pricing Plan for your Business
Business Email integraton
scheduling appointments
task management
Email Communication Managmement
Basic Dashboard KPIs
Acquisition and disposition management workflows.
Proper notifications & alerts management.
E-Signature integration
Custom workflows
Drip Campaigns
SMS/Email/VM/Calling Services
Letter/Postcard Services
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