HR Manager (Female)
1 positions
Sialkot, Pakistan

Role Description

This is a full-time on-site role for a Human Resources Manager located in Sialkot. The Human Resources Manager will be responsible for managing employee benefits, organizing and overseeing employee training programs, creating HR policies and procedures, and managing the recruiting and hiring process. Additionally, the Human Resources Manager will handle any employee complaints or issues that arise and ensure compliance with local labor laws.


Bachelor's or Master's degree in Human resources/CS/IT/SE or relevant field
Good communication skills
Problem Solving
Problem solving skills.
Understanding of software development life cycle.
Good communicaion skills.
Ability to collaborate with team.
Good analytical skills.
Willing to learn new technologies.

Perks & benefits

At InceptMVP, we want you to be well and thrive. Our global benefits package includes:
Eid Bonus
Provident Fund
Easy Leaves
Cash allowances
Team Dinner
Eid Bonus
Eid Bonus
Sick Leaves
Cash allowances